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2019 JV vs Jets

Game day is Saturday June 22nd at 1:30 vs the Toronto Jets at Esther Shiner Stadium located at 5720 Bathurst Street, North York travel time is 3 hours 18 minutes according to google.

Gate Fee is $5 per person, 12 and under free and over 65 free

There are washrooms and change rooms.

There are bleachers.

No pets allowed in the stadium.

If your player is unable to attend the game please let me know.  If they are not going on the bus there and or back please let me know ASAP so we can plan for coaches and support staff.

Please be at the bus at 7:45 am, bus is leaving at 8:00 am. Bring lunch on the bus (no energy drinks), we will stop at an en-route on the way home for dinner and should be back around 8:30 ish.

Bantam vs Wolverines June 2

This weekend The Bantam Bulldogs take on the Woodstock Wolverines in Woodstock on Sunday at 3:00 pm kickoff.  Due to field availability we will unfortunately be a late arrival returning home.

Our schedule for game day:
We ask players to be at the bus at 8:30 with the bus leaving at 8:45.
We expect to be back around 10:30-11 latest.

Either eat breakfast before getting on the bus or bring breakfast and lunch as we will not be stopping on the way there.  Again, no energy drinks on the bus or during or after games, if a player is caught having an energy drink they will not be allowed to play in the game.  Drink lots of water and Gatorade prior to the game.  It is expected to be warmer this weekend in Woodstock and so far no rain!  Hooray!  We will make a stop at an Enroute or some type of a fast food place for dinner on the way back.

We will have two pick up spots, the first at the car pool place in Powassan and the second at the Exit 289 Hwy 124 South River/Sundridge turnoff.  Please advise if your player is going to use one of these options.

If a player or coach can not attend Sundays game, or is not taking the bus either to or from the game or both, or would like to use one of the pick up spots please let me know ASAP so I can mark it down and see what we have for room on the bus for coaches, water, trainers etc…

There is no gate fee.  There is also no bleachers, so bring chairs if you are going to the game.

*Location: Huron Park Secondary School 900 Cromwell st Woodstock and is a grass field. *Parents are asked to park on the large parking lot off of Berwick street so enter Berwick street lot and park there.

No pets or smoking allowed on the school property.

Again cheering is encouraged, please no yelling at the refs or players from the other team as this does not help.  And could result from being asked to leave the field.

Remember to check that you have everything in your bag that you need, if you don’t have everything you can not play.  This includes, helmet, mouthguard, game jersey, shoulder pads, pants and cleats.

Battle of the North JV and NFC

The JV and Mens double header vs the Sudbury Spartans is hosted at 198 Centennial Drive at James Jerome Sports Complex.

Admission to the game in Sudbury is $10 per person, 12 and under are free. This gets you in to the NFC game after as well if you choose to stay after the JV match.

Change rooms are available. There are bleachers and is not pet friendly. There is a canteen and adult refreshment tent as well.

There are public washrooms available on site as well.

JVs – Please be at the bus at 12:30 sharp, we will make a stop on the way home for dinner.  Bring snacks and drinks (no energy driniks) for on the bus on the way there. Kickoff is at 4 at

NFC – Kick off is at 7 PM

2019 Bantam Season Kick off

Game Day is Saturday as we take on the York Lions at 135 Bristol Road, Newmarket.  It is an aprox 3 hour drive.

Here is what our schedule for Saturday will look like:

The bus will arrive behind the gardens at 6:00 am, we will be leaving with or without players and coaches if you are not there by 6:30 am sharp (if we can get away sooner we will).  We  will be making a stop at the car pool lot in Powassan for pick up and drop off and Possibly Sundridge if any one needs a stop there as well.  Let me know if you are using this option.  We should arrive around 9:30 am as we are required 1-1.5 hours before the game.  Kickoff is at 11:00 am and game will be done around 12:30 ish maybe 1.  We will depart around 1:30-2 to watch a little bit of the JV game (they play after us at 1).  We will make a quick stop at an enroute on the way home and expect to be back home by 6. So be sure to either send them with a lunch or send them with some cash to purchase something at the enroute.

As we are leaving early and arriving early please make sure your player has breakfast and snacks and drinks for the on the bus.  Energy drinks are not allowed on the bus please. If they purchase them when we stop they will be asked to throw them out.  Gatorade is good, just no energy drinks.

We will be updating the North Bay Bantam JV and SV Bulldogs facebook page, if you aren’t a member head over and get added.  This is also where our photographers will post pictures of the games as well.

There are no change rooms at the Newmarket field.  The cost to get in to the game is $5 per person 12 and under are free.  No pets allowed.  They have snacks, but no concession.  They have some bleachers but space is limited so they said you may want to bring lawn chairs to be safe.  We provide shared water bottles during the game and will be handing out jerseys this week as soon as they arrive.