2018 Youth League Primer

Equipment hand out is Wednesday, August 22 from 6-8 or August 26 from 4-6 at Krown Rustproofing on 514 Gormanville Road.

Tyke Camp (all tykes at once) August 27 and 28 from 6-8 at Rolly Fisher field in behind Memorial Gardens.

PeeWee Camp (all peewees at once) August 29 and 30 from 6-8 at Rolly Fisher field behind Memorial Gardens.

We will divide the kids on to the four teams and you will receive an email from your head coach as to which team your player is on and they will give you information as to when and where and times for practices for the season.

Head Coaches:
Gold Team – Nick Shank
White Team – Marc Mathon
Black Team – Rod Sinclair
Gray Team – Christa Morgan

Once your young star is placed on a team you will receive a call or email from the head coach of that team advising which days, location and times your team will be practicing at.

Games are as follows:

September 15, 22, 29, October 4 and 10 (under the lights evening games), October 13, October 21 semifinals, October 28 Championship game. Followed by year-end banquet October 28th.

Youth League FAQ

  • Should you wear a cup? No, a cup will hurt more than with no cup.
  • Most people will wear underwear or tight shorts under their pants.  Pants can be washed but should be hung to dry.
  • Players should always come to practice in full equipment and bring a water.
  • Always remember to keep your mouth guard in your mouth while on the field.  If you forget your mouth guard you can not play.
  • Do we still practice in the rain?  Yes, we do, rain can be fun and we only stop for lightning.
  • Once on a team, the players will all get their game jerseys which will be worn for practices as well.  Until they receive the jersey, they can put a t-shirt, or jersey over the pads for this week.
  • Payment can be made by email transfer to this email address or at the Source for Sports on Fischer street by cash, cheque, debit or credit

You can go to our online store http://northbaybulldogs.com/shop/ to purchase a variety of clothing, including our bulldog’s football equipment bags. Orders can take up to two weeks to come in.  Orders are placed every Friday.

We have a Facebook page that people will share photos, information etc…  North Bay Bulldogs Youth Tackle Football, join today!

For those that did not get equipment, we will have some with us at the field, but you can still participate without it.  There may be a couple of things you can but most will be ok.

Varisty Championship Game

This week we head out on the road for the CHAMPIONSHIP game against the Beckwith Irish; kick off is 3:00 pm.  We are heading to Tim Horton’s Field located at 64 Melrose Ave N, Hamilton, ON L8L 8C1

We will be leaving on the bus from Northgate Parking lot (Old Sears)  at 8:30 am sharp. Please remember to check your bags for all your game day equipment including jersey, game pants, knee pads, belts and mouth guards.  The bus ride is about 4 hours, so please bring a healthy meal, with plenty of water to keep hydrated.

We will arrive at the field for 1:00 pm which is only 2 hours before our game. There are change rooms at this facility which means you will be able to shower.  Supper will be along the way Please bring either money or a bagged meal. Bus arrival home is expected for 10:30 pm, but we will keep Facebook posted with our ETA.

I need to know from everyone if they are planning on taking the bus; as we have a few extra support staff looking to come to the game as well.

If you are unable to attend this game with us, please let me know as well.

For parents, and our fans;  (all players please inform your families of the game details, or share this email!!!)

 There will be a gate fee of $5 and kids under 12 will be free.

If you have any questions or need more information, please let me know.

OPFL Championship Games


Sunday August 5 – Tim Horton’s Field Hamilton – $5.00 Gate admission

Bantam Game – 11:00 AM – Woodstock Minor Football Association vs. Guelph Minor Football 

Junior game – 1:00 PM – Vaughan Football Association – Home of the Rebels vs Niagara Spears

Varsity game – 3:00PM – Beckwith Irish OPFL League vs North Bay Bulldogs

The games are being Streamed live by WeeStream. Here are the links:

BANTAM: https://www.youtubecom/watch?v=Yqh0Xx4gJGc

JUNIOR VARSITY: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0630YLb8Y8U

VARSITY: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NXutiwSMuZ8

Away Game Information – Rebels

As per my earlier email, please continue to let me know if your player is not at Saturdays game and or if they are not taking the bus to or from the game.  This allows us to know what coaches, water boys etc… can fit on the bus and allows coaches to game plan around players not able to attend.

Remember to check and double check that you have everything in your bag to play, we do not bring extra, mouth guards, cleats helmets, pants etc.  If you don’t have everything you just don’t play.

Venue: 1 St Joan of Arc Ave, Maple, ON L6A 

Bantam Itinerary:

9:15 arrive at Rollie Fisher field and load bus
9:45 Depart Rollie Fisher for Vaughan
1:00 Arrival at the field
2:30 Kickoff
5:00 Depart Vaughan for Enroute
9-9:30 Arrive back at Rollie fisher.

Junior Varsity Itinerary:

11:15 arrive at Rollie Fisher and load bus
11:45 at the latest the bus will depart for Vaughan
3:00 arrival at 1 St Joan of Arc Drive in Maple.
5:00 Kickoff
7:30 or shortly after game depart the field

A quick stop at an Enroute (please bring money for what you will want to eat)

11:15-11:45 arrival back at Rollie Fisher

Please bring a lunch and snacks for the on the bus.  Remember lots of water.  No peanuts please this week and advise if anyone has peanut allergies.  No Red Bull, no rockstar, no coffee for players on the bus, please.

We will update the Facebook page to approximate time of arrival as well as game scores in case you can’t make it to the game.