Bulldog Mens

From 1952 through 2010 North Bay has fielded Senior teams to compete provincially in the Northern Football Conference (www.nfcfootball.ca). Since 1991 the North Bay Bulldogs competed in the NFC yet recognized the challenges of fielding a team. Several elements drove the success of the team from talent pool population, to injuries and player retirement.  By identifying the gaps in fielding a successful team year over year it was decided to take a leave from the NFC in good financial standing and rebuild our talent pool.

Almost 1,000 players later since 2004 through our fall youth and summer programs, our numbers have spoken & we have notified the Northern Football Conference that we will field a team the summer of 2017.  Over the past 6 years, the North Bay Bulldogs have focused on building their football club to generate additional football pedigree and hunger for the game.

For the upcoming season, the Bulldogs will be suited up in their familiar colors of Black, Gold, Gray and White. With feedback from many players looking to play football this summer, we are going to a gray color jersey with gold numbers and black/white trim. We are excited about the prospect of NFC football in North Bay… and so are the number of players asking us to move this project forward.

Player fee cost of under $300


Players are so excited one of them produced a video: “Love of the Game”.

NFC football isn’t a new thing to football in North Bay, but this time around what is new is the amount of football experience players will be coming in with. Prior to 2010 players joining the Bulldogs were coming with a few seasons of high school football.

Time to hit the weight room!