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2016 Youth League – Post Camp Information

The North Bay Bulldogs coming in off a successful 2016 Summer season are ready to continue our momentum with its fall Youth League.

If you have registered your star-in-the-making we have some times and dates to note:

What a fantastic camp weekend. The rookies did very well and the veterans looked to be in great shape.

We will be having three more group practices that everyone will be practicing together.  These practices will be Tuesday, August 30th, Wednesday, August 31st, and Tuesday, September 6th from 6-7:30 at Rolly Fisher Field.

The coaches will then draft players to divide in to 4 teams to make the teams as even as possible.  Each team will have a senior division and a junior division and will be split into 4 groups (white, yellow, black or grey).  The senior groups will play against each other and junior groups will play against each other back to back.  So if you have brothers or sisters that are both playing and one is junior and one is senior, they will practice together, same time same place but separate games back to back.  We are going to try to have even amounts of grade 5, 6, 7 and 8’s on each team as this way when the grade 8’s move on from our program we will have kids in all age groups on the teams.  We will try to accommodate kids playing on the same team for carpooling as well.  If there is something like this we need to know please advise ASAP.   Once your child is placed on a team the coaches will contact you to let you know dates and times for practices and team-specific stuff.  All other info will come from or email blast and northbaybulldogs.com.


If you know of anyone interested in playing and is not yet registered, please have them sign up asap.  They can email it to me, sign up online atwww.northbaybulldogs.com or at Source for Sports.


Be sure to join our facebook page North Bay Youth Tackle Football to check out all the photos taken on Sunday and you can follow the link below to pull up the group team photo we did at the end of Sundays camp.

2015 Youth Tackle Season Registration

Youthfootball_logoAs the Bantam and JV Bulldog summer seasons conclude the dawn of the 2015 North Bay Bulldogs Youth Tackle League begins. Our summer training camp was a success but Registration is STILL open to children aged 11-13 who are not entering in to high school in the fall.

Here is the printable offline copy of the registration form: BYTFL Info & Reg’n Combo 2015

For more information and an online sign up, please visit the Player Registration page. Or you can contact Darlene or Marc Mathon the league coordinator at 705 744-1618

It was a fantastic day of football fun and skills training. The draft for the teams has been done and we will let you know what team your child has been drafted to. Returning players are then placed on the same team they played on last year which are made up of Riders, Lions, Ticats, Eskies, Argos and Stamps.  Everyone gets equal playing time in this league, it is for fun and all about having fun.  Coaches are on the field with the kids to help during game play and to ensure their safety.

Pictures of the event here.


2015 Bantam and JV Equipment Return

helmet_grassThe 2015 season has come to its conclusion. We are looking to collect the equipment that was allocated to the players for the season.

We have one more day booked on Thursday August 6th 6:00pm and 8:00pm at 34 Lakeshore Drive (Across from Royal Lapage)

Bring your helmets, shoulder pads, pants, knee pads, practice jersey.

Should you still have a game jersey we ask that you wash it in cold water and hang it to dry.

Bantams that are staying to participate in the youth tackle league you may keep your equipment and return your jerseys.