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2017 Bulldog Schedule

Summer is fast approaching and the OVFL and the NFC have issued their final drafts of the game schedule. This will be a compilation of information to help you navigate the game schedule and add clarity to the dates and time for practices and games.

For our Bantam and Junior Varsity team here is a graphic to help with the game days at a glance. Additionally, we have provided a calendar with dates, times, and google map locations that can sync with your device at the links listed. Keep in mind that change happens so check back on a regular basis to ensure you have the current information. Further to that your webmaster is still filling in all the appropriate times and is only finished the month of May with the practice schedule.  He procrastinates but will be working to complete the remainder shortly. North Bay Bulldogs.com and our Facebook page will keep you informed of upcoming events and changes.


Please note the OVFL has altered the game schedule slightly for the Bantam and JV teams.

Bantam Game Day Schedule:  https://northbaybulldogs.com/calendar/2017-bantam-game-calendar/
Junior Varsity Game Day Schedule: https://northbaybulldogs.com/calendar/2017-jv-game-calendar/
NFC Mens Game Day Schedule: https://northbaybulldogs.com/calendar/2017-nfc-bulldogs/

For those who want to have a physical copy here are the printable media:

Bantam Printable PDF Calendar: 2017 Bantam Schedule
Junior Varsity Printable PDF Calendar:  2017 JV Schedule
NFC Senior Printable PDF Calendar: 2017 SR Dogs Schedule

Online Complete Event Calendars with games and practices:

Bantam: https://northbaybulldogs.com/calendar/bantam-calendar/
JV:  https://northbaybulldogs.com/calendar/junior-varsity-calendar/
Mens:  https://northbaybulldogs.com/calendar/2017-nfc-mens-events/

Weather will not cancel practice unless there is lightening in the immediate area or the city closes the field. We will let you know when the practice is called off. Otherwise dress for the conditions.

The Bulldogs are looking forward to a great season of action so we don’t want you missing any of the lead-up or the games.


Equipment Handout and Upcoming Dates

Important Upcoming dates:

NorthbayBulldogs.com will display upcoming events and practices on the main page and the individual Team calendars are being filled out.
Bantam: https://northbaybulldogs.com/calendar/bantam-calendar/
Junior Varsity: https://northbaybulldogs.com/calendar/junior-varsity-calendar/
Senior/Mens: https://northbaybulldogs.com/calendar/2017-nfc-mens-events/

Friday, April 21st 6-8  or April 22nd 11-1:30 Equipment Handout.  You do not have to attend both.  We are having two dates so hopefully, everyone can make it to one or the other.  Our equipment handout is at 514 Gormanville Road at Krown Rustproofing Building.

The Senior/Men’s team will get geared up on April 29th, noon until 3:00 pm  at 514 Gormanville Road at Krown Rustproofing Building.

Saturday, April 22nd First on field practice at Omischl.

Tuesday, April 25, Wednesday, April 26  at Omischl.

Friday, April 28th Orders for AVON SKIN SO SOFT bug spray must be returned.  There is a form attached for you to sell these.  They sell through Avon for $14 per bottle and we are selling them at $10 per bottle.  Who doesn’t need bug spray for the upcoming months?  Be sure to hit up your family, friends, and coworkers.  I will have bug spray forms printed out at the equipment hand out if you need one.  Or you can just email with the number of bottles you require and email transfer for them as that will work as well.  Every bottle you sell the team get $5 per bottle.

Saturday, April 30th  at Omischl.

Wednesday, May 3rd Orders for the thirty-one bags must be in.  There is a form attached to sell these as well.  The cost per bag is $50, plus $10 if you want it personalized and $15 for a lid if required.  For every 2 bags sold, the team gets $34!  You can visit the Bulldogs fundraiser page on facebook, for ideas to use the bags as well as a better view of the pattern options.  You can place an order there, email myself and etransfer the payment, or order through Sarah Hunnisett at shunnisett@morguard.com.

Fox and Fiddle Update:  It was a great success!  Our 10% in sales came to $408 and Nathan Taus the owner bumped it to $500 for everyone who attended and the orders took longer than normal to get to people.  If we end up doing another fundraiser like this we will run it differently, staggering arrival times so the wait won’t be as long.  We didn’t know if 10 people would show or 100.  We had around 200 people show up and most came at the same time which caused a huge backup in the kitchen.  This is not the fault of the Fox and Fiddle.  We thank everyone who was able to come out, it was a lot of fun seeing everyone!   We had a couple people that could not attend and decided to donate for a total of $130 so $630 total on the night.

Clothing order:  I will place orders every Friday, so the next clothing/sag order will go in April 21st and April 28th.  So if you are interested in purchasing anything either let me know or place an order in the shop https://northbaybulldogs.com/shop/.

We are looking for a few volunteers:  Let me know if any of the following interest you.  We are looking for someone to film our games, we can supply the video camera for you.  We are looking for someone to do stats at the games as well  (you will be taught, no experience necessary).  And we are looking for someone who wants to takes lots of action shot pictures.  You would be given sideline access and would be responsible to put the photos on our facebook page.  The kids love to see themselves on game day!  You will be asked, did you get my tackle? Did you get my touchdown? When will the photos be up?  But the kids will appreciate what you do!  Let me know if you can help out with any of these items, please


Bulldogs Men’s Division Returns

WE never left, we were just in training!

From 1952 through 2010 North Bay has fielded Senior teams to compete provincially in the Northern Football Conference (www.nfcfootball.ca). Since 1991 the North Bay Bulldogs competed in the NFC yet recognized the challenges of fielding a team. Several elements drove the success of the team from talent pool population, to injuries and player retirement.  By identifying the gaps in fielding a successful team year over year it was decided to take a leave from the NFC in good financial standing and rebuild our talent pool.

Over the past 6 years, the North Bay Bulldogs have focused on building their football club to generate additional football pedigree and hunger for the game.

Almost 1,000 players later since 2004 through our fall youth and summer programs, our numbers have spoken & we have notified the Northern Football Conference that we will field a team the summer of 2017.  

NFC football isn’t a new thing to football in North Bay, but this time around what is new is the amount of football experience players will be coming in with. Prior to 2010 players joining the Bulldogs were coming with a few seasons of high school football.

Today, thanks to the many volunteers in the North Bay Bulldogs organization, after completing the Bulldogs youth, Bantam and Junior Varsity programs, a player can have as many as 7 to 10 seasons of football even before reaching grade eleven!

For the upcoming season, the Bulldogs will be suited up in their familiar colors of Black, Gold, Gray and White. With feedback from many players looking to play football this summer, we are going to a gray color jersey with gold numbers and black / white trim. 

We are excited about the prospect of NFC football in North Bay… and so are the number of players asking us to move this project forward. 

To date, there are a couple dozen players who have formally expressed their intention to play and at a player fee cost of under $300, its going to be very affordable….but most importantly a great football experience.

Players should register with the team as soon as practical. Jerseys will be ordered March 1st. Jersey sizes and numbers will be assigned on a 1st come 1st serve basis, so early registration will secure the preferred jersey number & size.

Players are so excited one of them produced a video: “Love of the Game

Register here or offline with this form: Club Player Contract – 2017

Time to hit the weight room!