OMFL 2016 Week 5

Saturday June 25th will see both the Bantam and JV Bulldogs host the defending OMFL champions the Toronto Jets at Omischl Sports complex. The Bantams look to avenge a road loss. Kick off is at 1:00pm. The Junior Varsity Bulldogs look to put a lock on the top spot in the OMFL ranks by keeping their momentum at 4:00 pm.

OMFL week 4

In week 4 OMFL action we see our Bantam team hit the road to face the Orangeville Outlaws. Our Bantams look to use the momentum of a huge road win to take it to the powerhouse Outlaws


The bus will be leaving Rolly Fisher in behind the gardens at 7:15 am.  We ask you be at the bus at 6:45 am so if we can we will get away early.  Please check your bag to ensure you have all your items in order to play.  If any adjustments need to be made, ensure you talk to the coaches Friday night.

We will have the boxed breakfast for the kids for on the way.  It will be an egg type wrap, fruit and granola bar.  They are again expected to have any snacks they want or any drinks for on the ride down.  As Orangeville is closer we will have time to stop at an en route on the way back this time so please send them with money for this meal.  Its tough to say how much they will need as it depends on their appetite. ($10-$20)  Our estimated time to return will be around 7pm.

If your child can not make the game, please advise.  If your child is travelling down with parents please advise and if your child is not travelling back on the bus please advise.  If you are travelling down with your child please remember they have to be at the field 2 hours prior to kick off to allow time for taping and warm ups.

Sunday is expected to be full sun and warm so be sure to start to hydrate Saturday evening.  Again we will have water at the benches.

Google Map directions are on the event pages for easy navigations Westside Secondary School

Here is a quick checklist to ensure your player is prepared for their road game.

Game Day Checklist

  • Cleats
  • Pants
  • Shoulder pads
  • Helmet
  • Mouth guard
  • Hydration (water, Gatorade)
  • Snacks
  • $5
  • Change of clothes

OMFL Week 2

In OMFL’s Week 2 will see the Bantam Bulldogs in their first game of the season clashing against the number one seed: Clarington Knights at 11:00 am. The question remains: Can our Bulldogs stop the Knight’s high octane offence, can the Knights stop the Bulldog’s physical play?

The Junior Varsity Bulldogs look to climb the ladder and with a win over the tough Niagara Spears kickoff starting at 2:00

2016 Game Schedule


The Bantam Season Opener is now Sunday May 29th at 11 am against the Clarington Knights.

The Junior Varsity Season Opener is on May 22nd at 14:00 (2PM) at McMaster University Football Field or the Ron Joyce Stadium

Update: The Bantam Bulldogs vs. the Orangeville Outlaws game has moved to June 11th. We gain an extra week of practise on the May 21st weekend.

Update: The JV Bulldogs vs the Orangeville Outlaws game has been shifted to the 24th of July. This leaves the 16 th game as a bye.

We are still waiting for times for the games and the times in the game links are just placeholders.

The OMFL has just release their tentative game schedule for the 2016 season.  Please, understand that  the schedule may change and that change is beyond our control. Times for the game will be filled in the moment we get them. I’m still getting the google maps to some of the fields to help parents find the out of town venue.

To find the schedule check under, either, Bantam or JV menu items and click the Game Schedule link. Or click the direct link below.

If you find a discrepancy or have any questions feel free to contact us at cmajor@northbaybulldogs.com

Bantam | Junior Varsity

With the new teams joining our divisions and embrace the new challenges and new opportunities that they present. We are looking forward to a fun and exciting summer of Bulldog football action.