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Youth League Picture Day

October 1st is the Youth League photo day.  We ask that parents/guardians bring their player to their photo shoot at the below mentioned times and to have them ready for their photo season at the field. The kids will need their equipment, jersey (if they have one), and smiles.

All players for bantam and peewees Grey and Gold must be at Algonquin by 10 am for the team photo.  Peewees pay at 11am and Bantams at 12.  All players for bantam and pee wees for white and black must be at Algonquin by 12 noon for the team photo.  Peewees play at 1 and Bantams at 2.

Youth Tackle Photo Contest

Okay Bulldog fans the North Bay Bulldogs are hosting our first Youth Tackle photo contest. Get those camera phones, DSLRs, go-pros out and point and shoot and win

Rules are simple: Take pictures of your Bulldog star in his game-day gear and in action on the field and post it here on this Facebook group.

Hint we are looking for good headshots with full view of their number AND your player rumbling in their position on the field.

We will select three different winners and you will receive their choice of our shop items: Grey T, Yellow T, Pink T, Black T, Gym bag, Ball Cap, Visor, Black and Yellow Golf shirts.