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OFA Registration

Since 2013 we have been part of 3 different football leagues and this year marks the 3rd league as the OVFL has folded. We are excited about our groups and joining the OPFL. In joining the OPFL, there is a requirement for all players to become nationally registered into the Ontario Football Alliance system. This facilitates access to OFA programming as well as medical insurance coverage. This insurance coverage will cover medical expenses related to treatment and rehabilitation from a football injury that is not covered by OHIP.  No Bantam, JV or SV player in Ontario can participate in OPFL or OFC without acquiring this coverage.

In addition to the sports injury medical insurance benefits, this membership opens players up to the opportunity to participate in Provincial, National and International Football events and programs. Team Ontario, Team Canada, etc…

At the same time this process will deem players eligible for the coming season in their respective age group (Bantam, JV & SV) in the OPFL. It should be pointed out that OFA Registration is a requirement for all football players across the province playing summer football in Senior Varsity levels or below.

It is not required for NFC as it is an open league.

Please go to the following link and complete the registration process. There is a fee required and is payable online.


2016 – Equipment Hand-Out and On-Field Practice

steve-omischl-sports-complex Saturday April 23, 2016 we will be getting on the field in full equipment.

We will hosting our equipment handout at the Omischl Sports Complex from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm.

Now, we are out of the gym and in full gear the gym practices are making way to field practices. The practice will be on-field from 2:00 pm until 4:00 pm at the Omischl Sports Complex and Field. This is for both Bantam and Junior Varsity.

Everyone will need mouth guards and cleats. JV’s will need girdles Bantams will not as they will have the integrated pants. Any questions, let me know!

Again very important to get registrations in before we hit the field. I will need a headshots of each player as well as a picture of your birth certificate or health card. These can be emailed to Christa at christa@d-linsurance.com or you can bring this Saturday and I can take a photo of it and the player. We have girdles available for JV players for $35 each if you can let me know if you need one and what size I can our inventory.

Summer Bantam & JV Registration

The North Bay Bulldogs are now accepting registrations for the Bantam and Junior Varsity OMFL summer football season.

Sign up now:

1. Register Online on the Player Registration Page

2. Complete the below offline registration PDF. You may return the completed form to Source for Sports on Fisher Street or Submit the completed registration to Demarco-Lucenti 693 Cassells Street, North Bay. You may also submit the completed form via email to Christa Morgan.

JV OMFL Reg Pack 2016

North Bay Bulldogs are doing an early bird draw and one lucky registered player from each Bantam and JV will receive $200 off the $550 registration fee.  To be entered in the draw you must have fully completed the registration form and made a down payment of a minimum of $200 prior to January 31st, 2016.  (If you have paid in full and win the $200 off you will be reimbursed). Don’t miss out on this chance to get $200 off your player fees.

The Bulldogs teams had a great season in 2015 and we are looking to have a great season of fun and football in 2016.