2015 Bantam Week 6 – Lions @ Bulldogs


The bantam Bulldogs offence pushed the Lions all the way to their endzone but the steadfast Lions held them back.  The Lions went 4 and out with a great defensive effort.  Last remaining minutes of the 1st quarter.  0 – 0.

The action resumed at the top of the 2nd in the Lions endzone thank to the indomitable defence.  The Bulldogs took it home for the TD and the conversion.  8 –  0 Bulldogs.

The Bulldog’s defence forced a huge fumble at the Lions 30. The offence couldn’t turn it into a touchdown.

The Bulldogs defence forced another fumble, the Lions forced a fumble. Not to be outdone the Bulldogs forced a fumble of their own.  The defensive Lions lockdown continues.  The offence exploded and scored another touchdown and conversion. 16 –  0 Bulldogs 3minutes left in the half.


The defensive effort yielded great field position.  The offence took the ball downtown and scored the touchdown.  22 –  0 Bulldogs top of the third quarter.

The Unrelenting defence forced a Lions fumble stopping a strong drive cold. The Lions and the Bulldogs locked into a defensive stalemate holding each other from the end zone. The Lions passing game was cut short by an excellent interception.

The game ended with the last hail marry intercepted.  22-0 Bulldogs.

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