2015 Game 3 – JV Bulldogs Win by default


Hello everyone! It is with some disappointment that I must report to you all the due to events taking place in Hamilton affecting a number of their players, that they must default their game against us tomorrow.

We only recently got this news and I know this is with great disappointment to all our volunteers, coaching staff and players who have all worked very hard to make tomorrow a huge success. I can say that our players are very ready to play and we must refocus our energies to the Etobicoke Eagles next week.

In lieu of a game tomorrow, the JV team will get yellow jerseys for offense and blacks for defense and we will hold a scrimmage at 3 pm and we will go for 1.5 hours. We will keep stats for this scrimmage and will film it so we can prepare a practice plan to ready ourselves as best we can for the tough opponent we face next week.

We ask that all JV players come to the first game at 1pm and bring $5 for BBQ lunch and let’s turn our focus on making the Bantam game the feature game for this week and we’ll provide all the support we can muster for them as they chase their 2nd game.

After the Bantam game the JV players will prepare for their scrimmage. JV players nursing an injury are expected to be at the Bantam game and to help out with the JV scrimmage, but will not be involved in contact.

Lets take this unfortunate event and turn it into a positive by providing unforgettable support for our Bantam team and take advantage of the field time to prepare for Etobicoke. Sooo the JV team is now 2 wins – 1 loss! Let’s build on that!

Coach Mathon

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