JV Bulldogs Win Big

jvvseaglesAfter securing their second win last week the rested and ready Junior Varsity Bulldogs were unleashed on the Etobicoke Eagles dispatching the southern team 38-6. The Junior Varsity Bulldogs took their grinding style to the Etobicoke Eagles and the attrition took its toll as the Eagles were forced to concede late in the game due to the number of injuries they sustained. The North Bay Bulldogs wish the Eagle’s injured players a speedy recovery.

The June 6th game was a pivotal game for the Bulldogs as both the Dogs and the Eagles were sitting with a 2 – 1 record. The winner goes to 3 – 1  and the loser goes to 2 – 2. We have a great program with excellent coaches that are teaching the kids skills and teamwork within the context of the game of football. These kids are all buying into our program and the football we are putting out is good. We are facing our biggest test this coming Saturday as we are hosting the defending Champions, the Orangeville Outlaws, at Omischl.

The June 6th ’15 weekend had the kids excited to play, having missed an opportunity last week with the defaulted game by the Steelers. This game showed that we have a coaching staff that can adjust during the game and kids are hungry to learn. We didn’t cave after the quick score by the Eagles. The players are learning the value of unselfish teamwork. The Bulldogs are in a position to make the playoffs this year for the first time ever

Congratulation to our ferocious JV players on another victory. Event link is here with a gallery for the event.

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