2015 Week 9 – Bulldogs @ Outlaws

17_rushCongratulations to the Bantam Bulldogs who fought a tough opponent after an early 5:30 am start to the day on the bus.

Our Bulldogs took it to the Outlaws with relentless offence and a punishing defense that all but stifled the Orangeville running game. In the first half the Bulldogs took the lead 7-0.

In the second half the Outlaws couldn’t stop the grinding running game and deep in the third quarter the Bulldogs drove home another touchdown. 13 -0.

The Outlaws, not to be denied, came back with their throwing attack to scored a touch down and conversion. 13 –  8. From that point on the Outlaws quarterback would become the prey for the hungry bantam defense sacking him a number of times moving the stick back.

With this win the Bantam Bulldogs look towards the TNT Express and their first playoff run.

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