2017 BYTFL Semi-Final Primer

Just to make sure everyone knows the games are SUNDAY, Oct 22nd as follows:

Gold and White tykes at 11 am
Grey and Black Pee-wee at 12 pm
Grey and Black Tyke at 1 pm
Gold and White Pee Wee at 2 pm

Winners of both tyke teams and pee wee teams will play the following weekend in the gold championships and the runners-up in the silver champions.  So everyone plays next Sunday as well before the banquet.

All games are at Chippewa again this weekend so bring chairs and lots of water as there is nowhere to fill up.

This weekend in our swag bags we have a green bay hoodie and Pittsburgh Steelers hoodie up for grabs along with some bulldogs goodies!!  Tickets are $2 each, 3 for $5 or 10 for $10.  Be sure to bring some cash!

Hype Paragraph:

PeeWee Playoff Football Begins! Sunday the 22nd at Chippewa Secondary. And what a set of Semi-Final exciting matches we have in store.
At 12:00 the first of our PeeWee matches begin. The Black team has been gearing up its defense and working hard on the basics looking to find a way to beat the no-fly-zone Grey Defense. Grey will look to grind out the run game to wear down the young team and earn a big win.
And in the marquee matchup at 2pm. The highly skilled Gold team will try to drive the ball and burn the clock against the rampaging offense and defense of the White team. These teams have had some great regular season games and this should be a barn burner in the title hunt.

Youth League Playoff Time – Tyke Edition. All the work through the season pays off. The playoffs are a new season where anything can happen. The Semi-Finals will be held at Chippewa Secondary School on Sunday the 22nd. The action begins at 11:00 am. 
The tidal wave of rushing offense Gold will battle the indomitable White team. The lightning ground game of the Gold against the exciting air attack of White. Will the youngest team in the Tyke division finally overcome the odds or will the powerful Gold team climb the ladder?
At 1PM the Tyke main event kicks off. Black’s steadfast defense will try to end the two-pronged running attack of Grey. Grey loves to overwhelm their opponent but will the Black-attack hold to give their offense a chance to hit the end zone and smother the fire of Grey?