Bulldogs Bantam Team

There is huge excitement around the Bulldogs family right now. Early indicators now show that we will have close to 50 kids wanting to play Junior Varsity summer football.

Each year we get a number of 13 and 14 year olds that also want to play and they join our team as both regular players and some as practice players. This year we have a number of coaches who have committed to coaching for 2015 and we are in a position to offer a Bantam team. This means that our smaller players aged 13 and 14 and select 12 year olds could play full games of football rather than play part-time or practice only. Either way, the summer football experience is outstanding with the Bulldogs and we promise the same for all kids in our Bulldogs family.

But if 40 or more Cartoon_Player_Runningplayers 14 and under who are not ready to play full-time at the JV level but would like to travel and play football against kids their own age group, we will offer a Bantam football program. This is part of our effort to build our JV program (15 & 16 & select 14 yr olds) by providing a place for those younger smaller players to be starters and play full-time. They’d be getting the same exciting football experience as our JV players being involved in provincial level competition. Road games would be same day travel there and back after the game and fully supervised by coaching staff and volunteers.


Our philosophy will be the same fun and safe first  but with the introduction of competitive football will make for one of the funnest summers these kids will ever have. This e-mail is to measure the level of interest for playing summer football among our 14 and under age group.

Please, respond to this post via email if your 14 or under child is interested in playing summer football in playing full-time on a Bantam team.

If you have ANY questions, please don’t hesitate to call Eric Morgan(705-477-6393) or Christa Morgan (705-498-5929) or MarcMathon (705-498-2396) or Darlene Mathon (705-744-1618)


  1. Hey, I played for the Rough Riders last season and I was wondering because I’m grade 8 right now and my birthday is May 16th, that means I will be 14. Will I still be able to play for the Bantam team or will I have to play Junior Varsity. Because I would like to get a little more experience in Bantam before I try and play against older, more experienced players.
    Thanks for your help.

  2. Hi Trey!
    It was great seeing you at camp. The Bantam team is specifically designed for players just like you. Our club’s opinion is that players should take the time to develop their skills by playing full time in their age group rather than play at a higher level and see limited on-field experience. You have tremendous potential in football and I think that after you finish this summer football playing experience, you will be a very different football player come this fall and grade 9. One thing almost every player reports to us after playing summer football is that they lose the fear they may have had and find themselves very ready to compete at high school. See you soon on the field Trey!

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