BYTFL Championship Weekend

The past weekend saw the dramatic conclusion to an action packed Bulldog Youth tackle Season. The North Bay Bulldogs want to thank all of the coaches, volunteers, sponsors, and fans and our terrific players who made this season a success. It is our privilege to give the kids a place to learn and play the game of tackle football. To watch them develop as athletes and evolve as football players is an honor and a privilege. Our league is  played for fun and enjoyment championships are a small part of the experience. The Bulldogs Football League simply ask that our players get the most entertainment they can out of their Youth Tackle League experience and strive to learn and build their characters as we look for them to be humble in victory and gracious in defeat.

The Bronze Championship: Stamps defeated the Riders 28 – 0
The Silver Championship: Ti-Cats emerged victorious over the Eskimos 24 – 14
The Gold Championship: The Lions edged out a win over the Argos 32 – 30.bc_lions_ring

Congratulation to all of the Youth Tackle Teams for all your hard work and effort. Remember you are all Bulldogs.

The North Bay Bulldogs want to send out a special thanks to Cecil’s for the excellent food and service for our year-end banquet.