Bulldogs NFC

From 1952 through 2010 North Bay has fielded Senior teams to compete provincially in the Northern Football Conference (www.nfcfootball.ca). Since 1991 the North Bay Bulldogs have represented North Bay in the NFC.

The typical NFC team competes with a mix of older players beyond 30, a bunch in their 20s and often with 6 to 10 player under 19 years old. The NFC is the absolute best place to get experience and coaching to get you performing to the next level. The modern rules on contact has drastically changed how the game is coached and played making it similar to U18 football contact, but the cerebral side of the game is advanced.

2022 was a year of improvement for the club as more varsity graduates joined the club and the team. Nick Laporte led the NFC in receiving yards & finished 2nd in scoring while QB Kaelan Mathon finished 3rd in passing for the 2nd time in 3 years. Defensively, Kory Benoit led the league in pass break ups and interceptions earning his 3rd All Star nod.

With both Nick Laporte (WR) and Adam Wallace (DL) landing themselves in pro football camps in 2023, NFC Bulldogs football proves to be a launching pad for those hard working players looking to play at the University or pro level. Over the years the Bulldogs have produced players who have gone on to represent Canada in international football competition, play CFL, including Grey Cup games, and winning as well as many using summer Bulldogs to tune up for University Football. Bulldogs NFC is the place to extend your playing career beyond school or summer varsity ball.

If you wonder what how good you could get at the game of football throughout your 20s & 30s…. register for Bulldogs NFC ball and join the team.


We are excited about the prospects of NFC football in North Bay… and so are the number of players looking to represent North Bay in the highest level of competitive club football in Canada. You want to be part of it.

Players are so excited one of them produced a video: “Love of the Game”.

For more information please don’t hesitate to call Coach Mathon at 705 200-4856