Congratulation to the 2015 Silver Champions

2015 Ti-Cats
2015 Ti-Cats

Camp for this year’s squad has been going well with the focus on safe contact, blocking skills and tackling skills as well as the other basic skills such as center-QB and QB-Running Back exchanges.

The Ti-Cats retained every eligible veteran from 2014 and come ready to help the new players learn the ropes of being on a football team.

At this point many of the new players are being exposed to the game of football for the very first time and its very important to observe them very closely at these early stages and savor the clumsiness, the floppiness and the awkwardness….because you will see it slowly give way to better speed, sharp and smoother movements and some great play making skills.

At these ages kids grow at varying rates and coordination is completely out of whack and even discouraging for some. Football involves very unnatural skills and movements and even running style is very challenging for these players. We focus on using fun drills to develop their ability to run, coordinate their body movements and even during this  short season, you will see definitive changes in their football skills.

Playing time is generally a function of how well the player is catching on to what we are teaching and how ready he/she is to play in a game.

I look forward to this week of practice (Tuesday,Wednesday and thursday) as we continue to work on blocking and tackling and of course we will teach our first couple of plays….on offense and defense. You will see us transform into a football team as we prepare for our first game on September 19th. Our entire focus is to have fun as we learn new skills and learn the value of teamwork and doing our best.

See ya on the Field!

Coach Mathon

2015 Ti-Cats

99Ethan AndersonTi-Cats
71Andrew GreerTi-Cats
68Brody GuntonTi-Cats
65Chris LariveeTi-Cats
55Simon GrayTi-Cats
50Kaiden PeldjakTi-Cats
44Ben GowanBulldogs Bantam
43Miguel DauphiniasTi-Cats
32Erron ReidTi-Cats
27Sierra JosephTi-Cats
25Tyson BrazeauTi-Cats
21Teagan MathonTi-Cats
19Isaiah LuckeyTi-Cats
13KJ FerreiraTi-Cats
11Carson CleatorTi-Cats
4Destiny BoulangerTi-Cats
4Ethan WrightTi-Cats