2019 Bantam vs Outlaws

We have another big games Sunday at 1:00 in Orangeville at West Side Secondary School located at 300 Alder Street, Orangeville, 3 hours 25 minutes

Please let me know ASAP if your player can not make Sundays game so we can game plan around it.  Also if your player is not taking the bus to or from the game please let me know as well.

We are asking all players and coaches to be at the bus at 7:15 hoping to leave by 7:30 and should be back by 8:00.  Remember to pack a lunch for before the game and lots of water (no energy drinks and no sunflower seeds allowed).  We will be making a stop for dinner after the game as well.

Venue details

No gate Fee, but they run a 50/50 instead. Cash Only
Outhouse type washrooms only.
No bleachers so bring lawn chairs or a blanket.
They have a BBQ with burgers and drinks. Cash Only.
Parking is on the lower level, unless you have a valid disability sticker there are limited spots in upper parking.