Coach Mathon’s Corner

success_sumFolks we had a great indoor practice last night at Canadore and it was super exciting to see the quality of kids (personalities, character and talented) we have on our teams. We will be on the field in a couple of weeks so do what you need to do to prepare yourself for that…after a long and crazy cold winter of hibernation.

We saw some new faces last night and that was great. If you have any other friends that want to play some football this spring/summer, bring them out this week and let’s get every one registered so we can focus on the fun stuff when we get underway….wall to wall football learning, camaraderie with new friends as we expand our family….and of course… preparation for game 1.

Returning players from last year will be expected to lead by example and support the new players as they get familiar with our systems and procedures. We are running very similar systems as last year so those coming back will be familiar already with most of what you see being inserted.

Lets program ourselves for success and that simply means finding a way to help each other reach closer and closer to our potential. Our motto again this year will be: “DID YOU IMPROVE TODAY!” Something everyone should apply to all facets of their lives.

Have a great week, get your friends to join us so they don’t get left out of the fun and stay tuned for further announcements about indoor workouts, equipment hand outs and practice schedule for camp.