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Bulldogs OPFL 2020 Madden NFL Tournament

Hi Everyone!

We are stuck indoors for a little while longer. We are still waiting for fields to open up so we can get outdoors and play football. In the meantime, we have organized something super fun for all Bulldogs players to compete against many other football players across the province in a MADDEN20 football tournament.

The entry fee is only $16. Yes, you can register now and pay before Friday.

If we can’t play outside yet….we’ll play indoors online!

Let’s see if a North Bay Bulldogs can win the Provincial Championship this coming weekend.

Please read the poster below as it contains the instructions, rules, and times.

Coaches, volunteers, and players are all welcome to play in this tournament.

The action starts Friday at 8:30 pm…BUT registration deadline is Wednesday night – so hurry!!

Madden20 is available for Xbox and PS4
PlayStation Store here

Microsoft Xbox

First thing you need to do is register by clicking here:

And to pay the $16 you can make an e-transfer to Make sure you include the Player Gamer Tag and Player name in the e-Transfer Message!




The OPFL/OFL Madden NFL 20 Invitational is scheduled to kick off May 1st at 8:30PM (EST) and is open to OPFL/OFL members, non-members, coaches, parents and volunteers.

Games, player interviews and guest commentators will be streamed on Jr Mustangs TV`s YouTube Channel, so even if you are not playing, you can still take part by cheering on your teammates.

Participants must be Xbox One or Ps4 users. There will be 2 divisions; Under 14 years and Over 14 years, with a total of 29 teams over 6 regions for each division and each console type. * Subject to adjustment depending on the number of registered participants

24 Regional Champions will win an NFL jersey on Saturday, and the 4 Provincial Winners will be awarded a cash prize of $250.00 on Sunday


Fri May 1 – First Round
Sat. May 2 – Regional Qualifying Rounds – 24 Regional Champions will win an NFL jersey
Sun. May 3 – Provincial Championships – 4 Provincial Championship winners of a $250 cash prize


Players can register by Wednesday April 29th 10:00 pm online at


There is a cost of $16 per player for participation. Payment are required to be made by E-transfer to  Make sure you include the Player Gamer Tag and Player name in the e-Transfer Message!

This fee is to offset cost of production, live stream and coordination by a team consisting of a Director, a Producer, a Videographer, 4 Broadcasters, 8 Viewing screens and 42 volunteer staff! Part of proceeds will be donated to the Club Centers participating in this inaugural tournament.


  1. Madden NFL 20 on Xbox One or Ps4
  2. Twitch or YouTube Account
  3. Be on Whatsapp
  4. Register online
  5. E-transfer your registration fee


  1. Start on time according to schedule, you have a 45 mins. window, if delayed contact Regional Convener
  2. Using Madden updated rosters
  3. All Pro Settings
  4. 5 min quarters
  5. 29-point mercy rule
  6. If you quit it’s a loss
  7. You must always rush three players, QB contain equals two rushers, be sure to have one more rusher at QB to equal three. If you don’t follow this rule your game could come to sanctions.
  8. Do not use the same blitz for the entire game, mix your play calling up, this could also be put to sanctions if you are found to be using the same play for the entire game.
  9. Disconnected games in the first half will be replayed.
  10. If in 2nd half we will take the score differential, who had ball and play the remaining quarter or half
  11. If in a disconnected game goes to overtime will include one possession each until a winner is found
  12. Onside Kicks can only be done if you are trailing in the 4th quarter or down by 21 points
  13. 4th Down Rule: 4th and 5 or less you can go for it anywhere at anytime
  14. Any other 4th down you must be trailing in the 4th quarter to go for it or if you are down by 17 points at anytime
  15. Stream Rules
  16. In settings
  17. Set your commentator volume to zero
  18. Turn your mic off
  19. Twitch or YouTube streams and make sure they are archived
  20. Please send you final game scores to your Team Manager @ Cell #
  21. Be prepared to have an on-air interview after a game, be positive and be ready for an interview at any point
  22. Each bracket winner will receive an NFL Jersey of their choice, winners please send desired Jersey and Size by Monday May 4th to your Regional Convener


Fri May – First Round

  • 8:30 – Round of 64

Sat. May 2 – Regional Qualifying Rounds

  • 9:30 am – Round of 32
  • 12:30 pm – Sweet Sixteen
  • 3:30 pm – Elite Eight
  • 6:30 pm – Final Four
  • 9:30 pm – Regional Champions

24 Regional Champions will win an NFL jersey
Sun. May 3 – Provincial Championships

  • 9:30 am – Sweet Sixteen
  • 12:30 pm – Elite Eight
  • 3:30 pm – Final Four Game 1 PS4
  • 4:15 pm – Final Four Game 2 PS4
  • 5:00 pm – Final Four Game 1 Xbox One
  • 5:45 pm – Final Four Game 2 Xbox One
  • 6:30 pm – Provincial Championship U14 Xbox One
  • 7:15 pm – Provincial Championship U14 PS4
  • 6:30 pm – Provincial Championship 15+  Xbox One
  • 7:15 pm – Provincial Championship 15+  PS4

4 Provincial Championship winners of a $250 cash prize


Will be posted online on the OPFL and OFL websites and social media platforms.
Let’s have fun! The times we are living in are difficult and challenging, this tournament is a great opportunity for us to reconnect in a positive way.

Thank you for playing!

Nipissing Wild Fold

In light of the recent announcement by The Nipissing Wild to conclude operations as reported by our media partners The North Bay Bulldogs release this statement.

Official Press Release.

This was not what we anticipated because the 2017 season ended with very positive progress following the forum style meeting with the Nipissing Wild leadership and local football supporters. The objective of the meeting was to generate ideas to work together in providing a positive football experience for local football players.

Following the forum, a small working committee made up of Wild and Bulldogs executive along with strong community football supporters met to put these ideas into action for 2018.

The news of the Nipissing Wild folding comes as a surprise to us. We know that the Wild have some very good people who worked hard to provide a place for kids to play football. These volunteers, like us and so many others in the community, do this work because of their passion for the game and to watch the kids develop.

Given these new developments, our group feels it is our duty to put forward whatever effort we can muster to provide a football program for all the players from the North Bay area who are looking forward to playing football in 2018. This past fall we provided coaching, administrative and equipment resources to the Chippewa Raiders for the sole purpose of helping the 30+ kids who desperately wanted to play football for their school.

The job of expanding to the Senior Varsity football level will be a very challenging project for the Bulldogs and we will need help from the community and football volunteers.

As expressed during our meetings with the Wild, working together would produce the best result. It is our hope that members of the Nipissing Wild will consider continuing to be involved in providing those players with a good football experience in 2018 and work with us in that effort.

Many of the affected players are graduates of our Junior Varsity program and we will be reaching out to them very shortly to get feedback in connection with Senior Varsity for 2018. Hopefully, we will be in a position to make an announcement next week as I know there is a lot of uncertainty out there at the moment.

Enter the 2017 Season

The North Bay Bulldogs are constantly on the move. Our registrations for the upcoming Bantam, Junior Varsity summer programs to represent North Bay on the provincial stage has opened.

Bantam is for players born 2003 or later.  For our Bantam players, you can not be turning 15 in 2017.
Junior Varsity for players born in 2001 or 2002 but you can not be turning 17 in 2017.

We will be starting in the gym in February, a schedule will be available shortly when we receive confirmation from the school board as to gym availability.

Although payment for the season is not required until May 1st, 2017 we do require registrations as soon as possible to allow you to participate in the in gym sessions.  If you are just trying it out, we still need the registrations in order to be covered under our insurance.

Please, include jersey size and number preference as we have to order the jerseys shortly.  If you don’t register and provide your size and jersey number one will be picked for you, returning players are given first choice of numbers then it is on a first to register basis.

There are plenty of payment options as well, you can do an email transfer to Christa Morgan at this address email, Source for Sports takes, debit, credit, cash or cheque, you can come by Demarco-Lucenti with cash or cheque or once we start in the gym payments can be made in personChrista Morgan.  You can also pay in installments between now and May 1st.  Kidsport and Jumpstart are also available to apply for up to $400.

Registration forms are here JV OVFL Reg Pack 2017 for offline printing or venture to our online registration form

2016 – Youth League Championships

Just a reminder for game times Sunday at Algonquin High School.  11 am we have the Grey and Gold Tykes in the gold finals, followed by the Bantams at 12 noon Grey and Gold battle it out in the Silver Finals.  1 pm will have the Black and White Tykes Going for silver champions, followed by Black and White Bantams going for the Gold.

We will be selling 50/50 tickets both at the games as well as at the banquet.  The draw will be made at the banquet and you do not have to be there to win.  Tickets will be $2 each, 3 for $5 or 10 for $10.

The banquet will start at 5:30 at the Callander Community Centre.  Each player will be given a drink ticket which will get them a pop or water with your meal.   Drinks after will be sold at a cost of $1 each.  There will be a dinner, followed by awards and photos being handed out.  There were a few kids that missed have the individual photos taken, for couple of you, if you wish to forward a photo you would like us to use, we can have one printed up for you.  Just let me know.  And if there is any spelling mistakes, also please let us know so that we can have it corrected.

I will have the clothing at the banquet for sale as well.  If you purchased clothing and have not yet paid for it, please remember to bring it to the game or banquet.  For any personalized clothing you may want to order as Christmas gifts, the deadline to get your order by Christmas is November 20th.  But you can order anything year round either from the website or through myself directly.

After the game we ask that you return the shoulder pads and helmets in the trailer we will have there and make sure the player sees someone with a clipboard to get marked off.  They get to keep their game jerseys, but we ask they bring back the practice jerseys they were given at the beginning of the season as well as the pants.  If they can bring these to the banquet that would be great!

Good luck to everyone, but most of all have fun!