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Flag Football Returns

Flag Football returns!. The North Bay Bulldogs are committed to producing a top-tier flag football experience for the community. During the pandemic, we successfully ran a flag football league

  • People enter their own teams – open to ALL AGES, no restrictions
  • $1,200 per team flat rate
  • All proceeds go back to the North Bay Bulldogs for our youth football initiatives
  • Best TEAM UNIFORM award that will be given out – we are looking for creativity in our teams in the league.
  • People can register as of now at this link and keep checking the Bulldog’s Facebook page for more info on the league
  •  for all league inquiries. We will be happy to answer your questions about our upcoming season and league

Here are some team previews from our teams that have already committed!

Team Larabie – a tough and gritty team that can never be underestimated, quarterbacked by Landon Larabie, former SJSH alum and NDA Champion. The father – son connection of Larabie to Larabie often seems to connect for big yardage and touchdowns!

Team Clermont – Lead by their Team captain Kory Clermont they have been a perennial champion in other leagues, they look to come and see if they can dethrone the champions in this league. Big names include 2013 Hec Creighton award winner Jordan Heather, Andre Landry and Jordy Matheson.

Team Gravelle – The 2020 and 2021 champions are approaching Floyd Mayweather territory as they boast a record of 29-0 in this league. Too many big names to mention but they are all lead by former Widdifield Wildcat quarterback Tieler Gravelle. A few new recruits join the team this year to defend the title.

Team NFC men’s Bulldogs: Off from a successful 2022 NFC season in which they competed in many games and showed explosive offensive prowess, the men’s team looks to take the flag league by storm. The defensive-minded coach of this team, Marc Mathon, looks to lead his team to the championship after a heartbreaking semi-final loss in 2021.

North Bay Bulldogs Flag Football League

2021 Summer Football

GREAT NEWS!! We are prepared to release the news that we will be operating Summer Football this year!

Please find attached a Draft of the 2021 Registration Form for Bulldogs Summer Football. The OPFL will be offering provincial competitive football where permitted by government restriction rules. All indicators from the gov’t signal that tackle football will not be permitted during the summer. So we will be operating a non-contact football program.

We propose to structure a dual-level touch football program this summer where we will operate a local summer touch football league on Sunday and Saturdays will be scheduled for our rep teams to compete against other centers in the OPFL whose health units permit visiting sports clubs to compete in their local fields and to visit North Bay.

We will provide at least 2 practices per week, with one at least reserved for the Club Rep teams to prepare for their Saturday OPFL matchups. Meanwhile, we will operate a city-wide touch football program on Sunday much like we did last fall.

We will offer this in all age groups except PeeWee and Tyke, but in the non-contact context this will provide a genuine opportunity for younger but athletically advanced kids to play at the Bantam level and develop their pass game skills, offensively and defensively.

Meanwhile, at the NFC level, we will be practicing twice per week and scheduling competition vs other NFC clubs in a touch home and home series format as we did last year, except in 2021 there are a number of other clubs very much interested in being involved. I will prepare an NFC registration form later this weekend and circulate it to the group of players with birth years of 2001 and older.

I genuinely believe that our efforts this summer & again in the fall will play a very important role in keeping our city’s kids out of trouble and focused on productive activities with positive goals to set.

DOGS Summer 2021

Stay Positive Message Ray Lewis

Hi everyone,

Coach Mathon here. I know its tough waiting this out knowing we should be on the field by now. Ray Lewis is one of the toughest linebackers every to play the game and no matter what the circumstances he was always ready. Please watch the following message from the newest friend of the Bulldogs. #StayPositive

CTV news article –

North Bay Nugget article on the message from Ray.

Bulldogs OPFL 2020 Madden NFL Tournament

Hi Everyone!

We are stuck indoors for a little while longer. We are still waiting for fields to open up so we can get outdoors and play football. In the meantime, we have organized something super fun for all Bulldogs players to compete against many other football players across the province in a MADDEN20 football tournament.

The entry fee is only $16. Yes, you can register now and pay before Friday.

If we can’t play outside yet….we’ll play indoors online!

Let’s see if a North Bay Bulldogs can win the Provincial Championship this coming weekend.

Please read the poster below as it contains the instructions, rules, and times.

Coaches, volunteers, and players are all welcome to play in this tournament.

The action starts Friday at 8:30 pm…BUT registration deadline is Wednesday night – so hurry!!

Madden20 is available for Xbox and PS4
PlayStation Store here

Microsoft Xbox

First thing you need to do is register by clicking here:

And to pay the $16 you can make an e-transfer to Make sure you include the Player Gamer Tag and Player name in the e-Transfer Message!




The OPFL/OFL Madden NFL 20 Invitational is scheduled to kick off May 1st at 8:30PM (EST) and is open to OPFL/OFL members, non-members, coaches, parents and volunteers.

Games, player interviews and guest commentators will be streamed on Jr Mustangs TV`s YouTube Channel, so even if you are not playing, you can still take part by cheering on your teammates.

Participants must be Xbox One or Ps4 users. There will be 2 divisions; Under 14 years and Over 14 years, with a total of 29 teams over 6 regions for each division and each console type. * Subject to adjustment depending on the number of registered participants

24 Regional Champions will win an NFL jersey on Saturday, and the 4 Provincial Winners will be awarded a cash prize of $250.00 on Sunday


Fri May 1 – First Round
Sat. May 2 – Regional Qualifying Rounds – 24 Regional Champions will win an NFL jersey
Sun. May 3 – Provincial Championships – 4 Provincial Championship winners of a $250 cash prize


Players can register by Wednesday April 29th 10:00 pm online at


There is a cost of $16 per player for participation. Payment are required to be made by E-transfer to  Make sure you include the Player Gamer Tag and Player name in the e-Transfer Message!

This fee is to offset cost of production, live stream and coordination by a team consisting of a Director, a Producer, a Videographer, 4 Broadcasters, 8 Viewing screens and 42 volunteer staff! Part of proceeds will be donated to the Club Centers participating in this inaugural tournament.


  1. Madden NFL 20 on Xbox One or Ps4
  2. Twitch or YouTube Account
  3. Be on Whatsapp
  4. Register online
  5. E-transfer your registration fee


  1. Start on time according to schedule, you have a 45 mins. window, if delayed contact Regional Convener
  2. Using Madden updated rosters
  3. All Pro Settings
  4. 5 min quarters
  5. 29-point mercy rule
  6. If you quit it’s a loss
  7. You must always rush three players, QB contain equals two rushers, be sure to have one more rusher at QB to equal three. If you don’t follow this rule your game could come to sanctions.
  8. Do not use the same blitz for the entire game, mix your play calling up, this could also be put to sanctions if you are found to be using the same play for the entire game.
  9. Disconnected games in the first half will be replayed.
  10. If in 2nd half we will take the score differential, who had ball and play the remaining quarter or half
  11. If in a disconnected game goes to overtime will include one possession each until a winner is found
  12. Onside Kicks can only be done if you are trailing in the 4th quarter or down by 21 points
  13. 4th Down Rule: 4th and 5 or less you can go for it anywhere at anytime
  14. Any other 4th down you must be trailing in the 4th quarter to go for it or if you are down by 17 points at anytime
  15. Stream Rules
  16. In settings
  17. Set your commentator volume to zero
  18. Turn your mic off
  19. Twitch or YouTube streams and make sure they are archived
  20. Please send you final game scores to your Team Manager @ Cell #
  21. Be prepared to have an on-air interview after a game, be positive and be ready for an interview at any point
  22. Each bracket winner will receive an NFL Jersey of their choice, winners please send desired Jersey and Size by Monday May 4th to your Regional Convener


Fri May – First Round

  • 8:30 – Round of 64

Sat. May 2 – Regional Qualifying Rounds

  • 9:30 am – Round of 32
  • 12:30 pm – Sweet Sixteen
  • 3:30 pm – Elite Eight
  • 6:30 pm – Final Four
  • 9:30 pm – Regional Champions

24 Regional Champions will win an NFL jersey
Sun. May 3 – Provincial Championships

  • 9:30 am – Sweet Sixteen
  • 12:30 pm – Elite Eight
  • 3:30 pm – Final Four Game 1 PS4
  • 4:15 pm – Final Four Game 2 PS4
  • 5:00 pm – Final Four Game 1 Xbox One
  • 5:45 pm – Final Four Game 2 Xbox One
  • 6:30 pm – Provincial Championship U14 Xbox One
  • 7:15 pm – Provincial Championship U14 PS4
  • 6:30 pm – Provincial Championship 15+  Xbox One
  • 7:15 pm – Provincial Championship 15+  PS4

4 Provincial Championship winners of a $250 cash prize


Will be posted online on the OPFL and OFL websites and social media platforms.
Let’s have fun! The times we are living in are difficult and challenging, this tournament is a great opportunity for us to reconnect in a positive way.

Thank you for playing!