St Louis Bulldog Night

team_night_2015Monday December 7th will be North Bay Bulldogs night at St Louis Bar and Grill. If you go there between 5 and 9 and have dinner and see some of your team mates, 15% of your bill is given to the Bulldogs! Its that easy. We will need volunteers to hand out the business cards that you must give your server in order for us to get the 15%. St Louis is suggesting to make reservations for your group to avoid wait times. Talk to your friends and family and hope to see you there at 850 McKeown Ave, North Bay.

Also, if you haven’t got your coupon book it is the perfect opportunity as there are 2 coupons St Louis Bar and Grill $20 each, they make great Christmas gifts.

We look forward to seeing you all! I have cards that we can hand out to as many people as we want, let me know if you want some