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End of the Year Paintball 2

paintballDue to the huge success of the end-of-the-year paint ball another event is scheduled for August 30th. The event will be on Saturday, August 30th from 4pm to whenever it gets dark (between 8:30 and 9:30).

Dustin from Pyramid Paintball welcomes the Bulldogs back for another evening of running and gunning.

The cost is $10 per player, plus $5 if you don’t have your own gun, plus $20 per bag of paint (cost will vary depending on how much ammo you burn through).

For those interested we will need to make a list of those participating and if you need the paint gun rentals. Please, chime in on the Facebook post or email Christa.

Bulldog Family Thanks

volunteersWe had a great turnout for the bantam game on Sunday!  Thank you for your support! Our 50/50 winner got $201.50 and Carrie (Mason Finch’s grandma) was our winner and kindly donated half of the winnings back to our club! So a huge thank you to her!

Thank you to Sean and Linda Severin for another fantastic BBQ.  And to all the parents who brought baking for the table, man there were some great deserts.

Thanks to Robbie Dorval for providing his PA system and to Bob Goulais for commentating!

Thank you to Mack Josephs sisters for singing Oh Canada, great job girls!

Thank you to the JV players for coming out and cheering on the bantam team and helping with the water and on the sidelines and where ever else we needed you guys!

Thank you to the volunteers such as the door girls, the trainers etc…

Just a big thank you to everyone for a successful day with our Bulldog family.