2019 JV Bulldogs V York Lions

Game Day is Saturday as we take on the York Lions at 135 Bristol Road, Newmarket.  It is an aprox 3 hour drive.

Here is what our schedule for Saturday will look like:

The bus will arrive behind the gardens at 8:00 am, we will be leaving with or without players and coaches if you are not there by 8:30 am sharp (if we can get away sooner we will).  We  will be making a stop at the car pool lot in Powassan for pick up and drop off and Possibly Sundridge if any one needs a stop there as well.  Let me know if you are using this option.  We should arrive around 11:30 am as we are required 1-1.5 hours before the game.  Kickoff is at 1:00 pm and game will be done around 2:30 ish maybe 3.  We will depart around 3:30  We will make a quick stop at an Enroute on the way home and expect to be back home by 7:30. So be sure to either send them with a lunch or send them with some cash to purchase something at the Enroute.

As we are leaving early and arriving early please make sure your player has breakfast/lunch and snacks and drinks for the on the bus.  Energy drinks are not allowed on the bus please. If they purchase them when we stop they will be asked to throw them out.  Gatorade is good, just no energy drinks.