2015 Bantam Game 2


Bulldog’s embattled, but steadfast, defense and the Toronto Jets relentless offence are the true story of the game. The Bulldog defense held the line but the Jets scratched yard after yard to push to the end zone. The Bulldog offense made big plays and fought hard but couldn’t stay on the field to mount a serious counter attack on the scoreboard.

The visiting Toronto Jets fired the first salvo scoring a touchdown in the first quarter. The Jets executed a quick pass play to add a conversion for the extra two bringing the score to 8 – 0. An early second quarter rush gave the Jets another touchdown and a conversion for 2 points put the jets up 16 – 0. A defensive onslaught by the Jets saw the visitors post points for a safety at the end of the second. The Jets pressure yielded them another touchdown at the beginning of the fourth quarter but their extra point was foiled by a steady and undeterred defensive front.  24 – 0 in favor of the Toronto Jets. A ferocious rally put the Bulldogs on the board with a touch down 6-24 reigniting the home town crowd.  The Toronto Jets, yet again, fought back with a couple of  touchdowns  sealing the game at  36 – 6  for the visiting Toronto team.

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