2015 Bantam Game 3


The TNT Express defeated the North Bay Bantam Bulldogs at Rollie Fischer field. The Bantam Bulldogs battled as a cohesive unit on both sides of the ball through injuries and a diminished roster but their opponents, the TNT Express, emerged with the win.

The 1 – 1 Bantam Bulldogs fell behind early to the TNT Express trailing 24 – 0 at the half. The second half was strong for the Bulldogs as they completed an outstanding 40 yard pass with Carson Cleator on the receiving end of the pass. The Bantam Bulldogs followed that great play with a 28 yard run by Trey Anthony to get the Bantam Bulldogs on the board. In the end the Bantam Bulldogs fell to the powerful TNT Express by a score of 42 – 6.

Game Link here with game write-up and gallery