Bantam 2016 Playoff Game

Congratulations to our Bantam team for making the playoffs. Two years as a team and two years making it to the post  season.

We need all of our players  to be at practice Wednesday, Thursday and Friday in order to take on the Clarington Knights! They can be defeated and we want to make sure that our players are ready.

I know that there have been many questions about the Orangeville/TNT regular season game that has yet to be played.  Unfortunately, the OMFL has not responded to  mine or any other peoples questions with regards to this, so all I know is what the site says that it is to be played.  North Bay plays Clarington, Orangeville plays TNT in the semis.  The winners of these two games will go to the finals in Etobicoke on Sunday August 7th.

The address for Clarington Fields is 2375 Base Line Road West, Bowmanville.  It is a 3.5 hour drive if you use Highway 12.

Kickoff is at 11 am.  We are going to arrive at the filed around 9:30 am for those not taking the bus, please meet there then.

We are asking kids to be at the bus by 5:30 am and the second everyone is there we will leave to get there as soon as possible.  Regardless the bus will leave by 6 am.

If your child is not taking the bus down, please respond to this email so we are not waiting for you.

If your child is unable to make the game, please let us know ASAP so we can make the appropriate changes at practices this week.

Clarington has a BBQ, no gate fee, pets are allowed and no washrooms, just port a potties.

GO BULLDOGS!!  Work hard this week!  You got this!