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Indoor Gym Sessions

The 2018 Pre-Season is about to get underway.  These indoor sessions are for our OPFL players.  We have mentioned that in our preseason ramblings that we will be hitting the gym. This will involve: skills training and development and a host of other fun football-related activities to get the winter rust out of the system.

These sessions are hosted at the Widdifield Secondary School gym – 320 Ski Club Rd, North Bay, ON P1B 7R2.

Reminder our In  Gym Sessions dates and times:

March 24, March 31, April 7, April 14, April 21

Bantam 3-4:30 pm
JV 5-6:30 pm
SV 7-8:30 pm

Remember to bring water, gym appropriate clothes, indoor shoes and a positive Bulldog attitude.

Youth League Information

The North Bay Bulldogs youth league is back for another fall of exciting action and football.

Here is some information to start your season.

You can choose which date works best for you for equipment hand out either August 17 or 18th between 6 and 8 pm at Krown Rustproofing building where we store our equipment.  Please be sure to bring the player with you as they will have to try everything on.

The hours for the camp held at Rolly Fisher field behind memorial gardens on August 19 and 20th will be 10-12 with a lunch break from 12 to 1 back at it from 1 until 3:15.  Be sure to bring lots of water.  For lunch in the past some bring a lunch, we do have a BBQ that will be going on for a donation to the team.  They usually take a water and 2 hot items( 2 hot dogs or hamburgers) and donate $5.  This will be on a first come first serve basis.  Parents are welcome to participate as well.  We will also be selling bottles pop for $2 each and water for $1, again while supplies last.

We will then have group practices at Rolly Fisher field August 22, 24, 29 and 31. By then you will know which team your player is assigned to.  From there the coaches will advise locations, days and times for practices.

Originally we had planned game 1 for September 9th, but that doesn’t give the players and coaches much time to get the players game ready so we will start games on September 16th, 23rd, 30th, October 4tt, 10th, 14th 22nd, and 29th followed by the year end banquet on the 29th.

Team and individual photos will be taken September 13 or 14th depending on which team your child is on.

Welcome to the Bulldog family!  You will enjoy this season!

2016 Youth League Rolling

The North Bay Bulldogs are humbled by the turn out we had to our Youth Football Combine/Camp. It’s always a pleasure to see our young raw athletes come out and have fun learning and executing their very first tackle, block and catch,.

So what happens next? We have one more group practice coming up so keep tabs on our event calendar. After this Tuesday’s group practice the coaches will assemble on the weekend to draft their teams to ensure even and fair distribution of players and talent.  It is with a heavy heart we retire the CFL team structure but in it’s place we are expanding our Bulldog brand (including new jerseys, logos, teams and divisions) – remember we are all BULLDOGS in the end.

Once the teams are created we will then let the coaches rudder their teams and be the central point of contact.


Bantam Gym Information


Bulldog_BantamI know with the weather we are getting it doesn’t look like we are going to get out on the field anytime soon, but as soon as the snow comes off Omischl we will be hitting the field.  In the meantime I know the practices we have been running on the Saturday nights have not been mandatory practices as we have just been starting to get everyone moving.

As of Saturday April 09, 2016 that will change, as of this Saturday the coaches will start to evaluate the players attending practices to see where their strengths are.  So if you plan on playing this summer, this weekend is time to start attending every practice.  We will start to separate the players into their perspective positions and could start using and explaining our terminology and systems so it is very important that the players start coming to all practices so they don’t fall behind.

As discussed at the parent, player meeting at this level we will strive to get every player that can safely be put on the field some playing time.  However missing practices and not understanding the plays, systems or terminology that we are using will not allow us to put a player on the field.  If you are going to miss practice it is also important to let your positional coach or the head coach know so we can make sure you are caught up when you return.

Last but not least starting Saturday April 09, 2016 if you plan on playing offense please wear a white or yellow t-shirt to practice (QB’s wear red), if you plan on playing defense please wear a navy blue or black t-shirt.  If you are unsure and just want to play wherever you’re needed where the defense colors until told otherwise.

Thank you

Coach Eric